Winter poems

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Author- Sabarna Roy Genre- Poetry Page- 60 Format- E-book Publisher- Virgin Leaf Books

My review- Cover that you gonna love The cover is inspired by Bengali culture. and I’m big fan of Bengali sweets.

This is a collection of poems like the name suggest winter poems,These poem related to our life are enough to engage you and grabs your attention, Author try to explain you that life is not life Fairy tale it’s like coin and coin have two sides like life have ups and downs and these poems have strong words and value. Every poem leaves impact on you. and here is two poem I like most.

So here is few poems I like most Poem-

1.Between the stars and blades of grass You lie down like a magic wand A glittering tower of light At dusk you were a ship loaded with emerald and cobalt pearls Wavering and simmering in the eastern wind The dogged morning comes You are the face of an ocean where I can drown endlessly In my burning boats of thousand defeats.

2. I went to distant spaces – my bones howling – looking for you Far-off planets, stars, constellations and galaxies – all moving apart You were nowhere to find Then in desolate melancholy I entered the crust of the earth Crossing fires, melting magma and moving masses of gigantic rocks I moved downwards to the centre and deeper Hoping to get a glimpse of you I burned and my marrow parched You were nowhere to find.

About Author

Sabarna Roy (46) is a qualified Civil Engineer from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He works in a senior management position in a manufacturing and engineering construction company.He is widely travelled in India and lives in Kolkata with his family. He is an avid reader and a movie buff.He started writing during his university days, mostly English and Bengali poems. He stopped writing after he left university and took up employment. After a gap of 19 years, he started writing once again mostly to reconnect with himself.In the period of 19 years when he did not write, he spent his non-working hours reading, listening to music and watching world cinema. He loves reading Tolstoy, Chekhov, Rabindranath, Eliot, Manik Bandopadhyay, Satyajit Ray, Kundera and Pamuk the most. He is hooked onto Mozart, Turkish and Egyptian music and M S Subbalaxmi. In cinema his favourites are Aparajita, Pratidwandi, Rashomon, Eight and a Half, Breathless, Head-on, The Birds, The Godfather series, Vertigo, Sunset Boulevard, Sacrifice, Garam Hawa and Taare Zameen Par.

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