Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Author:- Amit Bagaria Genre- Non-Fiction Format- kindle

Cover:- The cover is so mysterious and speak a lot about this book. So I can say book cover as well as title is amazing. I like that.Quite interesting I must say.

I don’t have know how to write down review for a research paper so here is key point in this author discuss. 1.How USA use Terresiom for there benefits or to stop USSAR in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan. 2 How USA Manipulate whole world for own intrest.Like financial ban on IRAN even IRAN never had chemical weapons. 3.How use the Mitty army and financial aid to use Nation against China,N.Korea,USSAR. Only because USA things Communism is dangerous for South Asia. And USA will lost control over S.Asia Pacific. 4.How USA use international Organizations for own benefits and manipulate them. So I highly suggest you this if you love to read about international relations. 5.This is a detailed analysis about American diplomacy all around world. And how USA take actions in world. And always work towards have a status of world power. 6.Every chapter tell you more about America,American politics and how America take action before world think and create a Peredime shift. And here is must read chapter for every Indian to understand American context for S.Asia:-

1.Osama was here! 2.Hồ Chí Minh Trail 3.Persian Carpets 4.Kabuliwala 5.Mount Everest

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