“Us” (In the end promises are just the words)

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

My review- As you can see the cover itself speaks louder than words.A girl who lost or not with him anymore whom she loves,this book have a way of writing which I see new (coz im not into love/romance genres) and quite like that. Things like (Quotes,poetry,short tale, letters etc.) She chose simple language so that we can connect and relate to her work. She did really Amazing job and I like that Here is something I find Amazing and want to share with you. Although I think she did great work but have space for improvement (as I earlier said I’m not into love genre so I don’t think I can suggest something)

1.“What made you a successful writer?” – they asked. “The days I spent reading his eyes.” – she answered with a contagious smile. 2.You know, at times the people you meet in life are nothing but milestones… Meant to show you the way towards your destination. Don’t fall for milestones. Love the journey instead.

I highly recommend those who have interest in love genre.

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