“This is how I became a Sanyasi”

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Author:- Khemlata Negi Genre:- Fiction Page:- 250 Format:- Paperback Publication:- White Falcon Publishing Rating:- 5/5

Sanyasi or ‘Shehri Sanyasi’ is a story inside a story a collective efforts by author to showcase both side of coin and in nutshell it’s a dope read. Fiction Philosophical read where we can go through a transformation not only upper but a deep Dive in Soul.

It’s a story about two people Gautam (Shehri Sanyasi) and Diksha both are so called successful in world, the material one but a total mess when it’s come to family, life, or peace and this is what dove them low. And the whole story revolve around Rishikesh.

1. How a successful Gautam turned into Sanyasi. 2. How Diksha get to know about Sanyasi (Gautam) 3. Who is Gautam yes the older one? Why Kirti leave Gautam? And many more things to get to know.

Note:- 1. Language is really well crafted and I must say she nailed it. 2. All through it’s a fiction but it’s a philosophical read. 3. Plots are well crafted and Explained, not miss a tip. 4. If you planning to read this although you should then firstly read last paragraph on page no.34 then you will get shake in spine. 5. The well crafted Kirti is really amazed me and kirti’s role can taught us many life turning lesson.

Note :- If you want to read a philosophical yet easy to understand then go for this without a doubt.

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