The secret of the Palamu Fort

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The secret of the Palamu Fort Author- Razi Genre- Fiction Page-264 Format- Paperback Publisher- storymirror

My review- The cover grabs my total attention I thought this is gonna be a mythology but i was wrong but it’s ok, The cover and title is nice and attractive. This book is so interesting it’s a fiction which gonna make you feel you are in book.The story is full of twists and turns. At every point when you think I’ll read rest tomorrow then you see change in plot and the main character Robin Horo was well plotted and other characters also played or plotted very well by author I like it the story which started by ghost murder at Palamu Fort in Jharkhand,India, then 2nd murder happened in same pattern at this point the local police appoint a detective who work towards and there is a lot for you to read.

I’ll highly recommend you this book Like everyone

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