Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Author- Nital Bhuva Genre- Fiction Page- 110 Format-Kindle Publication- Blue Rose Publisher

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Title:- The blue sea of that is suitable for the plotting and narration and the chapter names are relevant like The Winter, Sea, Lamps,Way back,Blue moon etc. Name is really catchy. Cover:- Cover is follow the story and where all story flew around sea or Beach. So cover is cool.

My view on Book:- Sierra (lead) and Rukmini(mystery Character or you can say Sierra’s husband). She is introvert or lonely you have to find at your own? She living in a ideal house (house on the beach). The Winter where author try to Elebrote this chapter around winter weather goes near Beach when you are single 26 year old female and still don’t know what you want to do. Rukmi is mystery Carecter who own a store near Sierra’s house and the story go around these two personality. The way author play and use words I find them impressive and I quite like that and this is a one sit read and you really feel that I can relate at some point. like she don’t understand what Rukmi really is (we relate at our partner sometime).

But:- at some point I feel like author forgot what he wants to write and ended the scene without appropriate finishing,sometime author try to be more creative but actually extort the scenery twist.

I’ll highly recommend this to everyone who love to read something which is written well and love hate relations.

About author:- I write fiction and love romance to create more scope for emotional variation in my self-created dream world. I have been writing for a while now, and I desire to write to entertain my readers.

If you find this review helpful comment and help me to improve my work with your suggestion thank you I really appreciate your time🕒

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