“RHYMING INKPEN pouring Emotions”

Author:- Anupriya Asthana Genre:- Poetry Page:- 86 Format:- Paperback Publication:- Become Shakespeare Rating:- 4.5/5

Rhyming Inkpen is a collection of short poem which touch every aspect like Life, love, nature. And something new for me I’m new to poem world and not a big fan of Heavy/big/bulky poems so I can say it’s a good start for beginners like me or who want to accelerate the exposure in new dimension of literature, then it’s a good start.

Although I can relate with majority part of this collection but my favourites are Something, Warrior, Rush, Too young to be called old.

And here is something I want to share from this collection:-

‘Morning Tea’ Blend of emotions! In the form of a potion!

Although she is a writer but writing an article and a poem is different forms of literature and pouring your emotion in this form is really a next level job.

Kudos to her for this amazing work, and I’m looking forward to read more.

And her inspiration is Ruskin Bond for writing this book.

Anupriya Asthana is a solo traveler, photographer, writer, travel blogger and artist. And most important she love nature.

Author with Sir Ruskin Bond

Here you can connect with author https://instagram.com/a234asthana

Best book buy link:- https://ekaro.in/enkr2020040841533476

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