Once There Was Me

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Author:- Bobby Sachdeva Page:- 419 Format:- Paperback Rating:- 4/5


Bobby Sachdeva stares at his burning house set afire by the bloodthirsty mob of the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi. As a fourteen-year-old, his world turns upside down, exactly at the age his father had escaped from Pakistan during the Partition of India. Recovering from the trauma, Bobby re-builds his business and journeys across the US and China, experiencing a life unhindered by religious animosity. Based on his vision of an emergent India, Bobby finally submits a PIL in the Supreme Court for religious shrines to distribute their excess income for the downtrodden. What happens next as religious hardliners turn against him?


My expectations were high after the “Stories of Us” and this book match that so I am glad I pick this.

A Semi-Autobiography of Bobby Sachdeva starts with Sikh riots of 1984, glimpses of horrible partition, then a journey from a religious Sikh boy to a grown atheist. A journey of an Indian, Sikh, Religious/Atheist men. This is too much for a normal person to handle, but with that fiction touch up I can say the author craft everything gorgeously.

We can’t even imagine what he goes through at every stage from Delhi(Sikh riots), Amritsar(militant), USA( lost identity), China(business)at the end Amritsar it was not a simple journey, a lost person was on the search of his true identity.

This book gives us insight into the 1980s to 21st century India where things were not as easy as we think were.

Divide in society on the name of religion, upper and lower class, beliefs and opinion etc. Life as a Sikh in the 1980s after PM Indira Gandhi assassination by his Sikh guard. Standing against Godmen or Shrines And many more things which I don’t want to spoil for you.

But one thing I can ensure you that this book will change your view about our nation and religious beliefs.

Bobby Sachdeva penned down this in layman language so everyone can read. It’s a 400+ page book but it’s like a one or two sit read, I really like that so casual style of write without much back & forth in time.


I recommend this book to everyone no matter what you prefer reading, some books are not for specific people and this is that kind of book.

Happy reading. Stay safe and indoors.

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