Author:- Sanjay Sharma Genre:- Fiction Page:- 180. Format:- Paperback Publication:- Srishit publishers Rating:- 4/5

Recommendations:- highly if you looking for love and motivation read.

It’s a story about Aditi and Keshav. Where Keshav is clam, shy and intelligent boy.

Aditi is beautiful and Introvert they met while they pursue engineering in DTU and here whole story start in Beginning keshav has feeling for Aditi love at first sight. But Aditi clear everything and push keshav to work hard towards his goals rather then focusing on these patty stuff. She is clear since beginning keshav is my best friend and nothing else but keshav always try best to express his feelings. And then something happened and Aditi stop talking in meanwhile keshav go through small shake in emotion world. Aditi leave college with having dream to be India’s biggest singer.

After all this what happened to keshav, what keshav did? How they meet again, Why aditi leave keshav?

You will get answers after reading this. Language is really understandable. protagonists are well written and explain very well. At some point I feel like this is also same typical story but I was wrong.

A worthy read of your time:)

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