Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands

"I have read somewhere that it's much better to belong to the middle class; they don't have to search for a goal in life. They only lookup. They won't go down, and hate being stuck where they are."

Jasmine by Sanjay Desai

Jasmine a brilliant middle-class Indian girl who is doing great in her academics but universe planning something "out of her vision" and she gets a new career path "modelling" where the beginning was super exciting but she was not able to rise to her potential and things start messing out. She was going through a stage, I think we most have been there or will be once in life, she meets her mentors and things start turning in her favour.

This book will give you insights into the world of glamour "modelling, TV, advertisement and celebrity" and will surely show you that it's not what looks like on TV/Media there is much more we don't know.

I like author writing style not so gibberish or elite, written in such a sober contemporary language even a new reader can pick this.

What I like and my take away from the book:

Authors conversation with her mentor "Ma Krishnamayi" show us that we all can change our world but we have been in this "crafted conscious being" that we don't believe we can.

Jasmine story and her journey of being an "I don't know" to "Manifestation" shows us that it takes a lot of efforts and will power to be at top it's nothing like "luck, overnight success, god gifted)

Bala and Shaheen in Jasmine life show us that how and why Mentors play a major role in achieving your true potential.

This book reminds us of this multiple time to achieve something we have to be " Warrior" have to put ourselves out and have to "give your all"

How giving your best shot is not always what is missing, sometimes you have to be in rhythm with everyone around you to make yourself "the glowing star"

There is a Manifestation Map which is now on my "spirituality wall" that sums up what and how we can manifest our lives.

I suggest you pick this book it's a one sit one day read with a lot of glimpse from different industries and a big "guide" part in "Bala and Jasmin conversation" which is delightful and meaningful, these conversations make you crave for a friend cum mentor.

It's an overall 4.2 🌟 read for me.

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