My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur

Author:- Jason Kothari Page Length: – 268 Publication: – Harper Business


“Money will make more of what you already are” If you are someone who wants to step in business this book can give you insights how things work on the upper level and it is not easy to own and run a mammoth, owning a business is not the achievement but sustaining it and making it profitable for a long time is what we call business. Jason Kothari a big Indian business leader name who turnaround companies like Valiant Entertainment and led its transformation as the CEO to the third-largest superhero entertainment company after Marvel and DC and a sale for $100 million, a record industry return while he was a college going student. Jason was the CEO of Housing.com where he deals with odds and eventually transformation of the distressed company and a merger with News Corp’s PropTiger to create the $350 million industry leader. And then Chief Strategy & Investment Officer of Snapdeal, CEO of FreeCharge, Senior advisor to Softbank, Board Director of Emaar India and had many more on a plate as compared to age. But the first experience as an Entrepreneur will always hold a special place in heart. An 8-year-old Gujrati boy negotiates for chess in Agar (India) and crack first deal. It’s a journey of an eight-year-old boy to known turnaround expert. Writing Style The language is lucid and understandable for a layman, Author pen down his journey in simple language so everyone can read and get some lesson. This is not your usual business book it’s more over a personal journey style, I enjoy this it’s not like hard business-oriented book style.

Jason Kothari

My view Non-fiction is my all-time favourite genre and more specifically finance and psychology so it’s relatively business cum biography I can recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about business tactics where author share both sides of the story not like only the lavish side where you always win, some hard truth what you may have to loose to achieve what your end goal is. The way Jason share his experience about life and business is unique from other, but before you fantasies your life as Jason you have to keep things in mind. Jason was an upper-middle-class global citizen who has reach to all essential at the same time he explored different part of world, met different people and had a big world perspective. Although we can pick many life-changing lessons from the journey of Rebel to Entrepreneur Jason. What he learns in Muay Thai never show you emotion on face. All of those everyday, ‘boring’ products made someone wealthy. Money isn’t a goal, it is a by-product. The goal is solving problems, developing endurance, evolving, and giving customers the services they want, the products they need, and the experiences they crave. That’s called value creation. Money flows to value. In end, for me, his negotiation skill and deep data study is key leaning.

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