IN•KRE•DIA “Luwan of Brida”

Author- Sarang Mahajan Genre- Fiction Page- 383 Format- Paperback Language- English Published by- Gloryburg publishing


So the cover is really catchy for sure I don’t know why but it seems like mythology and mysterious So i decided to read this.


INKREDIA series of four books. The First book is here with us the title is new and mind boggling for me. But the title is quite interesting.

My opinion:-

The story revolves around two siblings Luwan & Meg who live in a village called Brida. The characters mentioned in the book- Luwan, His sister Meg, Luwan friend Naroj, Killarn, Merchant Torno, Hedreth, Mirina, Lady Emara, Master Hilkin, Darna, Master Furmon, Olna, Ronko,Killarn Master Karmil. Luwan is a boy live in Brida (where the whole story start and main plot in story) 1st big twist is when Luwan refuse to pay tax and after this action Luwan is under Lord Gruwak’s eye. And in addition Meg also support to Luwan. 2nd biggest twist is when both Luwan & Meg plan to leave, When the whole village under surveillance of Gruwak. Now Both (Meg & Luwan) have to face and tackle for survival. Then things start unfolding and Luwan start finding about some strange and mysterious past and things which help him to understand

Why Brida is under control? Who want to control everything? How Luwan fight to that superpower? Is he survive and able to save Meg as well?


1. It’s full of Action, Magic and mystery and having whole things like a tale with lot of super natural powers. 2. The whole book is a nice edge sitting read for me and even I read this whole book in two sit so you can understand how much you gonna enjoy this. 3. Even at most of point you feel like you are Luwan or a character in INKREDIA. 4. The whole story is a nice read for every one and in my opinion one of the best book like this by Indian Author. 5. The language is easy and go with the flow.

I don’t have any -ve view on this.

I highly recommend you this everyone who love to read mystery, magic, and thrilling read.

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