"I Hate my Curly Hairs

It's a fiction illustrated "Cute" book.

Just look at this cover don't you think it's soooo cute.

It's an illustrated poem book about a girl who hates her curly hair.

It's a book specifically for kids but as you can see this is super cute so I think we all can have this.

Her friends tease her for these curly hairs, she tried everything to straighten the hairs.

After trying everything, her "Curly hair/Cotton candy/Noodle" helps her to hide her Crayon set then she understands that each person is different and differences make us what we are 😊 then everything change.

She starts loving her curly hairs and make a new friend "that boy who bullies her"

The illustrations are so so cute I have to repeat this again and again 😅

The poem is written so simply like my cousin read, told me what is this book about and she picks this book like every day because she is also a curly hair girl so why not 🤭🤭

This book is specifically for kids but I think who don't like to have a super cute book in the collection.

Like I don't have words to describe Divya Anand and Rutuja Thankurdesai efforts like you both stolen my heart "I am also a curly hair person" so I can feel the struggle

book buy link:- Click below to buy picture

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