Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Author:- Pen name JNK Genre:- Fiction Page:- 243 Format:- Paperback Publication:- Notionpress Rating:- 4/5 🌟

This book contains two story Human trafficking which touch the most sensitive and humiliating picture of our so called Supreme species. Where so called educated do horrible things we can’t imagine. Protagonists Honey is working with a famous and intelligent detective (Mr.Bobby) in his city. Where one case about missing tribal woman which case is handed by Human Right Association. And which lead the whole story or I can say reality of our society. Honey is a pure soul who believe in humanity and try to help, but how she help them.

Where human is eating another human for money and fun like how someone can do this. Like treating those kids and females in the way like they are emotionless, dead pieces of meat.

Is she rescue or she also fall in death trap? Can her spirituality help her make sense of this dark world?

Second story Encounter with Soul is about Rasbeen a ambitious, smart teen who want to be architect a dream which is planted by others. Which is quite common with majority of us. In reality she don’t know what she really want to be and in meanwhile day by day negative thoughts and pressure is harnessing her self belief.

Everywhere she is feeling like something is following her which is annoying. One day, she has an encounter with soul.

Why this soul is following Rasbeen? How this soul help her? Is there any relation between soul and Rasbeen? Can the soul lift her from her deathbed and make her a confident girl?

Key points:- 1. Language is easy and understandable. 2. Both story will impact your thoughts. 3. Protagonists is well plotted. 4. Plots are well portrayed and smoothly go with narration.

Recommending everyone because we all have to understand this that Putting our head in ground will never solve our problems.

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