Dear People, with Love and Care, Your Doctor

Author:- Debraj Shome, Aparna Govil Basker Genre:-Non-Fiction (Memoir) Page:- 296 Format:- Paperback Publication:- Bloomsbury

Doctor(more than Human, close to God) “We, doctor, can make such a difference by just going the extra mile”

I am no one to rate this book but here is what I feel.

India is a Country where our culture or education taught us Doctor, Parents, And Teachers are god and at some extend it’s true. I personally believe this.

Here is 34 story about Doctor – Patient relationship. And personally I love them all. When you complete one story you feel emotional connection and Empathy for everyone around you.

We all know Doctor are human like us, So expecting miracle is stupidity, they do everything they can for Patients and sometime we hear stories that doctor did miracle but we if see other side of coin everything is not in their hand. If something not go how is planned then media and people portrait doctor as a killer or emotionless which is completely wrong.

And my favorite is:-

  1. “DO WHAT YOU LOVE” I love kids and this story teared my heart.

  2. “BEAUTY IS NOT JUST SKIN-DEEP” I have skin problem like scars, marks, hyper-pigmentation, ect but what this story taught me is love yourself it’s ok if you having problem.

  3. “THE CALL OF DUTY IS IMMINENT” i cannot explain this. You have to read this.

Key Point:-

  1. The narration is smooth and presentation of emotion is very well crafted, good job there is no error in editing. So a big heart to editing work.

  2. Every story help you to understand hidden emotion in white coat.

  3. Language is easy and maintain emotions at the same time.

Highly recommended to everyone because we all know in our life at some point we all have to visit Doctor at least once in a live. So this book help you at some point in life.

Pro-Tips :- Read one story a day so you can absorb that story full pack with emotions.

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