Be Better Bit By Bit

"Learning to let go is not giving up! It is simply passing the burden to a better fighter, so you can fight another day."

Be Better Bit By Bit by Nishith Goyal

Okay so let me start this with "it's not self-help kinda book, it's more like a self-guide if you are looking for a guide to improve your overall life" go for this without a doubt.!

It starts with what's in B5, why you should get this or why you even invest your time and I kinda like that prologue section.

Then there are 12 chapters from "The Philosophy" to "B5- the programme".

It's not "book review" it's like my experience with this book and when you see any self-help/mentor books look for "what others have gained"

There is too much to put here so I am giving some key points I have for you all, when I am saying, believe me, bcoz most of you know I hate "Self-help" books (check my motivation addiction post)

1. Every chapter have its mind-map/guide or exercise for you to follow and do them before moving to the next chapter It's gonna be a big help to stick to your journey.

2. Self-Reflection, Kaizen, Self-Awareness, Journalling, many more. Most of these are wildly popular books/school of thoughts out there, here you will get all those concepts but with a guide and activities so it's eventually simple to follow (I am saying simple, not easy 😁)

3. It will take time to grasp fully, not one sit read for sure, it's like a manual to follow and look every day but when you will follow this you will see the difference.

4. There are tasks, questions and the best part there is space to fill your thoughts, still I suggest you should sit with pen & paper.

5. The Journalling part is something I have recently started so it's good I am going in the right direction. It will help you reflect on your journey.

6. The last chapter where you will get "Be better bit by bit" - the Programme description, journey of B5 program.

And there is something for Bibliophiles as well Yessss a "Bibliography"

Overall I find this a 5/5 helping guide for me and for everyone out there who is looking for a wag.

Thank you @Quignog, @Nishithgoyal, @falguni for sending this to me.

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