A Journal for Self-Discovery

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Author – ila singh Publisher- bluerose_publishers Genre- Self-help Page- 109 Format- E-book

My review The cover looks attractive although I don’t like bright color but journal should be in bright colors (so your sub-conscious mind can relate and you gonna feel happy and good this is proven). It’s looks so attractive having colorful pages, but most important this have motivational quotes and self-help exercises they gonna help you see yourself through these exercises. These different exercises for different days of the week. There is Mindful Monday, Tranquil Tuesday and so on. Each exercise is designed to train your mind to overcome your fears, anxiety and discover your self. and here I’ll provide some pics so you can understand what self-help journal. and ila singh did good job and this is something I already have since class 10th so I know what it is. and I’ll highly recommend this to someone who don’t know what’s going with them(life).

About The Author:

Ila Singh is a seeker, a student, a civil servant who is presently based in Delhi, India.This work is based on her own learning which happened slowly, consistently but regularly only to pull her out from ‘Where she wants to be’ to ‘Where she is’, which is a state of learning, unlearning and absorbing life inside out.

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